10 Search Engine Optimization terms you should know!

05 Apr 10 Search Engine Optimization terms you should know!

If you are a website developer and designer or you have a website or a blog, you must be certainly aware of SEO which means Search Engine Optimization. There are certain terms that relate to SEO and as website developer, you should know these terms.

SEM – SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing. It means marketing via search engines. It is divided in two parts :

SEO – Search Engine Optimization which involves bringing a website on a higher rank in search engine results

PPC – it means Pay-per-Click. It involves buying clicks from the search engines

Backlink – Backlink is also known as inbound link. They are the hyperlinks which redirect to your website. They help in getting rank in the search engine results.

Pagerank – It is a algorithm that gives each hyperlink a propbable value. It used to understand the relative important of web pages around the web.

Linkbait – Linkbait is one of the processes used to increase the search engine ranking. It involves uploading web content aiming at more number of backlinks getting attracted.

LinkFarm –  LinkFarm includes interlink of a group of websites within themselves so that the particular farm of website altogether has a good rank in search engine results.

Anchor text– Anchor text is that text which is on a backlink and is clickable. Anchor text is important and it should have proper keywords for SEO.

Title tag – The title tag in a code is the title of the website. The title tag should contain the keywords and main content of your website.

Meta tags – The meta tags are similar to title tags and are the keywords which are put under the HEAD tag in a code. It is not visible to human visitors but visible to the search engine.

SERP – SERP stands for Search Engine Results Page. It is the page that appears in the search engine when you enter a keyword

Sandbox – Google has a separate place wherein it places all the newly formed website. The websites from the sandbox won’t appear in the Google search results. Once it is verified by Google, the website will appear in the Google search results.

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