3 characteristics while choosing a blog name

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04 May 3 characteristics while choosing a blog name

Blog name is the personal identity for your blog. The blog name is something which people see and decided whether they will read the blog or no. Thus, your blog name has to be smart enough to convince people. Here are 3 important things or characteristics you should consider while choosing an effective blog name.

    • Relevant to blog topic and content – Your blog name should always speak something about your blog so that people know what your blog is exactly about. By reading the blog name, people decide whether they should read the blog or no. The content inside your blog should have relevance with the blog name. If your blog name is not relevant to the blog content, the user will get irritated.


    • Easy to remember – Your blog name should be such that it is easy to be remembered. Keep it simple. Give a proper name that is descriptive and people can memorise it easily.


  • Similar to domain name – People ignore this factor but it is important. See to it that your domain name has some kind of similarity with your blog name. Your domain name should match your blog name. If it doesn’t, you might lose a considerable amount of traffic. If anybody reads your blog name and its content, the next time they can directly enter the blog name followed by .com to view your blog. Thus, your blog will also become extremely user-friendly.
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