3 Important things to remember while Logo Designing

03 Apr 3 Important things to remember while Logo Designing

People study a lot about logo designing and research a number of tips and guidelines for the same. But there are few things that are left out. Below are few critical things that the best logo designer might forget too!

Take care of the ownership mark
Whenever we design a logo for a specific brand or company, we must take care if the logo needs a trademark, or a registered mark etc. There are a lot of copyright issues in logo designing as well. To avoid the controversy, put up a trademark in your logo whenever required or asked to.

The zoomed logo design should be exactly same as the small logo size
Zoom in the logo as much as you can and check out each and every corner of the logo if it is perfect and not protruding out somewhere. Eliminate the anchor points, path crosses or crookedness. You logo should look perfect when it is uploaded on a big bill board or printed on big posters.

Choosing colours
May be sometimes your client demands and specific colour which might not match the logo design you have. It might not even match the brand type. Hence, give a clear explanation to the clients about it and use proper colours. It is very difficult to work with colour practically. You can use the “trial and error” method here.

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