3 simple rules to follow to create the Mobile website design

17 Apr 3 simple rules to follow to create the Mobile website design

The trend is changing and the technology is developing. People have started using internet more on their mobile phones, smart phones and notebooks. Millions of people surf the internet on their mobile phones today. Right from search engine to social networking and from ecommerce solutions to banking, people use mobile phones. Many websites have a different website designed for mobile application. For e.g. – It is www.google.com from your computer and it becomes m.google.com from your mobile phone. Thus, below are 3 simple rules for creating a website design for mobile phone browsers.

    1. A simple layout – The entire website layout should be designed in such a way that its fits properly in the mobile’s browser screen. All the media files like sound, video, images, graphics, navigation, web content should be reduced in size. A mobile won’t have features equivalent to computer. Hence, the website should have easy and simplified structure so that the website loads quickly.


    1. Appropriate size and proper organization – While creating a website for mobile, you must chalk out a proper plan and organize all the elements in a effective manner. The size of the web pages should not be too big to load in a mobile browser.


    1. Keep it light – We know the technical capacity and features of mobile. They are not as powerful as computers. Thus, have a lightweight design for mobile browser. Adjust all the media files, website content etc in such a way that the mobile is able to hold it conveniently.


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