3 Tips for Feminine Graphic/Brochure/Logo/Website Designs

04 Apr 3 Tips for Feminine Graphic/Brochure/Logo/Website Designs

It is always necessary to identify you target audience for any kind of design. The website or the graphic is meant for them and the design should somehow connect to the target audience.

A question might arise in your mind that what are the things that make a design feminine. Well there are certain things which attract women. These things include the elements such as colours, font type, floral pictures etc.

Use of proper font, script and handwritten Tyography

The handwritten typography adds a feminine effect to the design. The design becomes more gracious and elegant. Do not use the same font throughout for each and every text. Make use to such fonts only in headlines or specific places.

Choose bright colours

As we know that colours have been scientifically proved to affect a human both physically and mentally, use of colours should be appropriate. Colour giving a feministic touch are aqua, pink, white, etc should be used while designing.

Make use of only bright colours if possible with high contrast. Maintain a softer tone throughout the design as it has connections with a feminine mind.

Use personal writing style

Avoid using large paragraphs and complicated words. Use simple and delicate text. Make sure that your tone is friendly and casual. A cold and harsh tone might immediately distract the target audience.

To add up, also make use of floral and girly designs in your brochure or website. It keeps the women attached to the design.

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