3 ways of website advertisements that annoys people!

09 Apr 3 ways of website advertisements that annoys people!

Yes, for monetizing your website you will advertise. You will have a number of ads placed here and there on your website. But advertising on a proper place is very important. It is important to note that your advertisements should not interrupt the user’s experience on your website. It proves to be a great drawback in website usability. The 3 ways of advertisement that should be avoided are –

    • Fake link ads – while creating the content for your website, you might think of putting in the advertisements in disguise in the form of legitimate links. You may think that these links, also known as blending advertisements, will fool the readers but no, in fact your sales will go down and people will easily identify such links.


    • Pop-ups – this technique of advertisement has been the most annoying to the users. Pop-ups are forcibly opening windows against the user’s wish and thus it is unwanted by the users. As soon as that advertisement window pops out, people look for the “x” button to close window. Yes, but pop-ups having some important information like subscriptions and pop-ups highlight a product that you sell are acceptable.


    • Flash Ads – In general, the use of flash introductions and other flash applications are avoided in a website. Flash ads are not different. They take a lot of time for the website to load. And yes it obviously needs a plug-in too. Thus, flash ads are a big no.


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