4 must things you should know for making your website SEO friendly

24 Apr 4 must things you should know for making your website SEO friendly

Search Engine Optimizationfor your website is the most important factor for a successful website. You website is successful when people view it which means your website should have a good amount of traffic. But this doesn’t happen just by creating a website. Your website should be worked upon for SEO separately. There are a number of effective tops for SEO like keywords, Meta tags, title tags, anchor text etc. Apart from these, here are 4 must tips for a SEO of the website that might have skipped.

  1. Product description in detail – If you have an e-commerce website and you are working for the website’s SEO, product or service description of the website is one of the most important elements. Give your viewers in detail description about the product. Keep the content original. This will maintain a particular standard for your website.
  2. Focus on customer feedback – You might ignore the feedback section of your website. But remember customer feedback play an important role in betterment of your website. Improvement in your website in a customer-oriented manner will result in good SEO.
  3. Keep optimizing profitable pages – It is not important that you optimise all your web pages. Focus on the products which cause you more profit.
  4. Overall user experience – Your entire website should be user friendly. Your website should have easy navigation and users should be able to spot the key web pages like homepage immediately.
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