4 sure tips for an effective “NEWS” website design

23 Apr 4 sure tips for an effective “NEWS” website design

People have become so busy that they do not even have time to tune in the television or read the newspaper for recent news updates. They do not get time from work. For people working on computers 24*7, getting news updates via the news channel’s official website or newspaper’s official website is the best idea. A news website has to be very carefully designed by considering each and every element. Here are 4 sure tips for an effective NEWS website design –

    1. Ad Banners – all the news websites mainly meant for monetizing apart from awareness and popularity factor. The banner ads can be most effectively placed on headers or sidebars.


    1. Colour scheme – The news website design has to be very formal. Usually, a white background with content in black is the main colour combination uses. This enhances proper visibility of the website. The dark colours like red, blue etc are used for the headlines usually for obvious reasons.


    1. Grid design – A news website design usually has a grid based design and it looks better that way. Moreover, a grid based design enables proper viewing of the news and easy access to the other news of the day. Grid design helps in proper management of the news content.


    1. Tabbed content areas – Tabbed content areas can have menus such as most popular articles, most commented articles, most recent article etc. This adds an element for user-friendliness to your website.


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