5 Alternatives to WordPress as a Blogging CMS

04 Apr 5 Alternatives to WordPress as a Blogging CMS

WordPress has been serving a successful platform as a Content Management Systems for Blogging. Many website developers are using this as CMS in their WordPress Website Design. Apart from WordPress, a web developer must have knowledge about other CMS too. Below are some CMS’s which can be used as the best alternative for WordPress


Drupal could have been in equal competition with WordPress but it lacks the features of having a variety of plugins and themes.  However, the upgraded version of Drupal has improved a bit and has become user friendly.

Movable Type

As Movable Type is written in Perl, it cannot be in your list if you have a PHP – based CMS. It is quite good for developing a blog or a magazine website.


It is a very good CMS for blogging. It has number of options relating to blogging. It has a user friendly based community and has active developments. Textpattern ensures a safe blog.


B2evolution has developed from b2 and b2 has evolved from WordPress itself. It has a healthy plugin and themes collection. It is possessed with all the basic required features for blogging. Hence, it is a good option.


Geeklog has the basic features like trackbacks in it. It is more developing as a CMS than a blogging tool. Geeklog still lacks in availability of various themes in comparison to WordPress. But it is quite user friendly.

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