5 blogging myths that a website developer and a website designer has!

17 Apr 5 blogging myths that a website developer and a website designer has!

Blogging has been an old concept now. It is a successful way of communicating with people and expressing your views to a large audience. Nowadays, people are even monetizing blogging. However, there are certain myths about blogging which can decrease your sales tremendously.

    1. People commonly think that blogging can yield you money that too without working hard. The former part of the above sentence is a fact but the later part proves it to be a myth. Nothing in this world can be achieved without hard work. You have to make your blog resourceful to others and this is possible only after a detailed research for every post.


    1. Some people also have a common myth that it is compulsory to post articles daily in your blog to maintain the popularity of your blog. No, it is not necessary. You can even post 3-4 articles every week and maintain the level of your blog. More than quantity, blogging demands quality.


    1. While monetizing your blog, you might feel that people will leave your blog due the number of advertisements. But it is not so; provide the people with quality content that they want and they might not even hesitate to click your ads.


    1. Few fear and believe than blogging will soon come to an end. We know that the trend keeps on changing but blogging is in fact expected to last forever as it is a good medium of getting information from professionals.


    1. Another myth about blogging is that more traffic to my blog means my blog is successful. This applies only for short term benefits. Long term successful blogs demands only quality content.


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