5 elements that will make your blog distinguishing and interactive!

17 Apr 5 elements that will make your blog distinguishing and interactive!

Blogging is mainly about the content in it. People demand quality content which is original and convincing. But displaying the content is also important. You cannot randomly arrange things and put it in front of people. It is here where blog customization plays a crucial role. Here are 5 elements which should be taken care of while customizing your blog content.

    1. Catchy header – Will you even look at paragraph without a heading? No, same is with your blog. The blog should have a catchy header. If not the header, it must at least have the company’s name and logo.


    1. Keep is basic – It is a blog and not the garment section for kids. Thus, never use lot of graphics. Keep the blog basic and concise when it comes to design. Do not use any designer fonts. Use the basic fonts and colour.


    1. Images – People usually hate to ready long blank paragraphs. Thus, to make the blog a bit interactive, you can use images that are relevant to your topic. This not only adds interest but also highlights the exact meaning though images.


    1. Videos – Videos are a great way of visual communication and practical demonstration to the users. You can always support your text with videos for better interaction.


    1. Interactive elements – Your blog must not fail to contain comment boxes and different forms. Presence of these elements renders better communication.


Having a blog section on your website designis very important and should not be ignored.

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