5 Good things about WordPress Editorial Calendar Plug-in

05 Apr 5 Good things about WordPress Editorial Calendar Plug-in

WordPress website design are very popular this days as wordpress comes with lot of  plugins which can be easily integrated on the website. The WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin enables to see all the posts and the required posts can be dragged and dropped for managing the blog properly. It gives an overview of the entire blog. Few things that you will like about WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin are –

Planning the blog becomes more convenient

It enables viewing the blog of specific time period, say 6 months. You can see all the posts in the blog during that time period in a single page in a proper manner. You can also schedule future posts for the blog. At a glance, you can view the previous, present and the future blogs which are going to be published later.

One screen presentation

All of these including your draft posts which are yet to be finalized can be seen in a single screen without more navigation.

Rescheduling becomes easy

WordPress Editorial Calendar Plugin features a drag and drop application. Hence, you can easily reschedule the future posts. A post of 4th march can be shifted to 5th march simply by dragging it to a different date.

You can be more creative

Whenever an idea pops out, you can go to the Editorial Calendar and make changes or add up to the draft post.  This saves your time and helps you becoming more creative.

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