5 Good Ways to promote your website on search engines

05 Apr 5 Good Ways to promote your website on search engines

Initially websites had quality content and were one or two of its types. They use to specialize in their contents. Hence, they used to become popular even without advertisements. But nowadays there are so many websites dealing with a single niche that there is a lot of competition. Hence, advertisement is a must today. Apart from organic search engine optimization, below are some other ways of promoting and advertising your websites which may demand spending some amount of money.

Adwords – Yes, Adwords work. Google makes tremendous profit from Adwords. You have to pay only if your website link is clicked. Adwords is probably the best method for increasing traffic to your website.

Site Specific Adwords – In Adsense units, you have the option of “Advertise on this site” which means your advertisement will appear on a specific website only. They charge on the basis of Costs per 1000 impressions and not on the basis of Cost per click. It is an effective method too.

StumbleUpon Ads– StumbleUpon is website that enables the users to discover similar new websites. If you click the Stumble option, you will get a list of websites which are nicely rated and similar to the ones you are searching for.

Textlink Ads – It participates in increasing the searching engine rankings to a nice level if the text link ads are advertised on a relevant and right place.

Direct Banner Sales – Many websites sell banner ads or sponsorship plans directly.  They are based upon a fixed weekly/monthly fees. CPC or CPM is not valid here. It also renders brand awareness.

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