5 Guidelines for beginners in blogging and content writing for website

06 Apr 5 Guidelines for beginners in blogging and content writing for website

If you really love to blog, you can start it all right this moment. You can express all your thoughts and the readers will read them. Blogs can be personal or themed on a certain topic. Sometimes you have so many things on mind but you do not know how to start. Here are few guidelines and tip on how to start with blogging for beginners.

Select a topic

The first thing that you have to do is select a proper topic of your interest. Choose a topic on which you have ample amount of knowledge.

Keep it normal

Blogging is delivering information in a casual way. You don’t need to be must formal while blogging. You can use normal words which are commonly used and understandable to the readers.

Draft it!

At times you start writing about a topic and after sometime you don’t get a link to that topic. Hence, you stop writing and delete the entire thing. Never do that! Instead of deleting, you can always save the half written part in the form of draft and come back to it again with a fresh mind and finish it up.

Read other blogs

Keep reading the other blogs which are either based on the same topic or related topic. You get a fine idea about how blogging goes on. May be you will get some new ideas while reading other blogs.

Link it!

If you don’t have knowledge on a particular topic, you can always give a brief introduction about it and then link it to some similar topic on some other blog.

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