5 Most Delicious Dishes of India

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30 Jan 5 Most Delicious Dishes of India

India is a country which is famous for its scenic beauty, culture, tradition, linguistic diversity and above all food. Every region has its own peculiarity and its own taste so every region has its own different cuisine. This is what gives a unique character to the place. This diversity has given birth to a large number of cuisines in India; many of which has earned prominence internationally too.
Although this is my recommendation and you must not miss out on these peculiar delicacies if you ever visit this great country.

1. Idlis and Sambar:
This is commonly eaten food item in the Southern India. It is made by steaming a batter of fermented black lentils and rice. It is usually served with Sambar (a vegetable stew). It is not only light but, tasty too. Its popularity can be accounted from the fact that even the World Health Organization has declared it as one of the most nutritious and safe food to have outside home. Idlis and Sambar is an ideal dish for breakfast.

2. Mughlai:
As the name suggests, Mughlai comes from the word “Mughals”. This special foodstuff has been prepared in the Kitchens of the royal Mughal Emperors in India. On eating Mughlai food, one can get a feel of the ground spices. Some of the Mughlai dishes have Muslim names such as Biryiani, pulao, kebabs, and kofta. The rich preparation of Mughlai food consisting of flavored sauces and butter based curries is so tempting that you are sure to crave for more.

3. AlooParatha with Sweet Curd or Dahi:
Parathas are made with whole-wheat. The name AlooParatha is given to this dish as this whole-wheat made Parathas are stuffed with aloo which means potato. It is a very popular dish with the Punjabis. The Punjabis make various kinds of parathas like Gobhiparatha, onion paratha etc. It is often eaten with Sweet curd (Dahi).

4. Dal-Bati, Raabdi&Ghevar:
Bati is basically firm, unleavened bread. Ghevar is a Rajasthani sweet made in various varieties and is usually round-shaped while Raabdi is a dish made with yogurt, flour, muth and bajreki roti. Rajasthani people generally prefer to use milk, butter milk, or butter in an unusually large quantity.

5. Fish:
This is a very famous dish which is widely cooked in Bengal. Bengalis are very fond of spicy food and they prefer fish over anything else since fish is prominently available for Bengal being a coastal region. IlishmacherPaturi is a preparation of Hilsha Fish cooked in Banana Leaf along with a range of spices. Salmon, Hilsha, bhekti, magur, carp, rui and prawns are a few varieties of fish that are widely available in the seas of Bengal.Happy Eating.

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