5 MUST things that a small business website should have

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25 Apr 5 MUST things that a small business website should have

Business websites are a cost-effective way of promoting your business to a large target audience. It provides an effective global platform for your business. Business websites have driven sales like anything and made a profit of million dollars to the business owners. There are a number of things in the checklist for an effective business website. Here are the top 5 things that your business website design should have.

1.       SEO

Search engine optimization is an important thing for any business website. What’s the use of a website if nobody uses it? SEO techniques increase the traffic for your website. The usability of your website increases eventually. Hire a separate SEO consultant for increasing your search engine results.

2.       Good web master

It is important that you have a capable and skilled web master for your website. He should manage all the web development things like SEO, graphic elements on the website, maintenance of the website etc.

3.       Blogs

Your website should have a blog. Blogs are an interactive platform for proper communication between you and your customers/users. You can tell your users about all the recent updates of your business.

4.       Social media

Integrate social media to your website today if you haven’t. Billions of people around the globe are using social networking and the count is increasing every moment. Major social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ etc.

5.       Videos

Videos are the most interactive form of visual communication. They are a good alternative for website content. You can tell your users a number of things through informative videos.

6.       Mobile websites

It is better to have a mobile version for your website. People may need to surf your website any moment. At such times, they use mobile. Thus, have a mobile version of your mobile.

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