5 Ways of being successful on YouTube and drive traffic to your website

06 Apr 5 Ways of being successful on YouTube and drive traffic to your website

If you don’t know, apart from a video filled website, YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine the web now. YouTube can be a social medium for you to promote and market your company and its website. It is an effective platform having a large audience. But how will do it? Here are few guidelines to promote yourself successfully on YouTube –

    • Keyword tool – Research on YouTube’s Keyword tool and know what people are looking for. By making use of this, you might be discoverable to people on YouTube.


    • Competitor – Search on YouTube for the videos that are similar to yours. See what are the things and keywords that make them appear on the top search page results. Apply the same strategy to your video.


    • A quality video – Just having a video on YouTube is not enough. The video quality should be good and the video itself should be worth-seeing.


    • Featured Videos – YouTube has a paid feature in it. It is “Feature video”. You can pay YouTube for that and many people will see your video in short period.


    • Interact with Regular users – Browse for the users are very much active and social on YouTube and send them your video links (Do not Spam). They will comment and promote it in some way thereby increasing your traffic.


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