7 types of website hosting

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27 Apr 7 types of website hosting

An efficient web hosting provider is must for proper functioning of your website. You should constantly upgrade your web hosting services. You should choose a web hosting as per the requirement of your website. There are 7 main types of website hosting.

    1. 1.       Shared hosting – As the name suggests, in shared hosting the web server is shared by a number of websites. Obviously, sharing the server will cost you less. Thus, shared hosting is best for new people who have low budget. The drawback of shared hosting is that more traffic in another website in your server can affect the performance of your website.


    1. 2.       Reseller hosting – Reselling hosting is similar to shared hosting. The difference is that reseller hosting has some extra tools and thus it is costlier than shared hosting. Reseller hosting space provides additional tools like free website templates, technical support and servers under private names. These tools enable you in reselling the hosting space.


    1. 3.       Cloud hosting – It is also known as grid hosting. Cloud hosting is a single big server which allows merging of different servers together. If the numbers of websites increase, additional hardware can be added. Price differs according to different services.


    1. 4.       Virtual private server – Here a server acts as being separate though it doesn’t really have a separate server and is a part of another server. Each website has a separate computing resource but a common hardware. Thus, it seems to a different. The advantage of virtual private server is that it doesn’t affect your website’s performance due to another website. It is a bit costlier.


    1. 5.       Dedicated server – Dedicated server is a complete different server allotted to a single website. The owner of the website has complete control over the server’s control panel.


    1. 6.       Co-location server – Co-location server is used when you have your own hardware, software, data, internet uplink and other requirements. You just have to rent for a space in a data service provider.


    1. 7.       Self-service server – As per the name, self-service server includes buying the server and manually configuring it as per your requirements. This is one of the best options for web hosting.


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