A brief guide for the use of texture in website designs

12 Apr A brief guide for the use of texture in website designs

The design element of a website is an important aspect. You need to have a proper website theme and colour which matches the website and its audience. One of design elements is the texture. The texture on your website design should be smart enough to seek the visitor’s attention the main topic and sub headings of the website.

Texture and pattern are 2 different things. Texture is large images which have no repeated designs. Pattern is more of graphic design elements. Texture complements the web content in a website. The texture of a website seeks attention for the website content. Texture helps in proper visibility of content and division of content in different categories. It helps in making the web content more effective. Textured backgrounds sometimes look good than a plain background.

Never compromise with the web content for a website texture. The web content should always be clearly visible and easy to read. The texture contrast should match with the font colour of the web content. A website designer can always create custom textures and designs with the help of Photoshop brushes. Instead of searching for online texture, you can always go for Photoshop brushes. You can always refer the online tutorials for the use of Photoshop brushes.

One thing that you should know is that the use of texture in a website doesn’t take the website too long to load. Your customer’s time is valuable. Thus do not use textures that consume a lot to time to load. Make use of optimizers for reducing the file/image/video size. Lastly, take care that your texture matches the products sold by your website. Do not use a pink texture for a website which sells men products.

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