A small guideline for Logo types and Logo Designing

03 Apr A small guideline for Logo types and Logo Designing

Firstly, what is a logotype? A logotype is a logo without any symbol. A logotype is just a design with few modifications to a font type or a typeface. Some big brands having original and big business should have a simple and decent design which is equivalent to having no logo or just a logotype

There is huge importance of fonts in logotypes as it is the basic element for a logotype. Thick and large fonts denote strength or power while slanted fonts denoted some movement or motion. Logo type is also known as word mark. The fonts can also be handwritten or designed manually to give an extra and unique effect to the logotype. This helps the logotype from being typical. Sometimes, if required images are also integrated with the logotype.

But make sure that even when the logo is reduce to small size for printing on business cards, it should be clear and identical enough.

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