Advantages and Disadvantages of static website design

13 Apr Advantages and Disadvantages of static website design

In the world of website designingthere are two types of websites i.e. Static websites and Dynamic Websites. Static were made by using traditional tools and techniques whereas Dynamic Websites are created using modern tools and techniques. Static websites once created cannot be altered in any way unless and until special editors are used.

Following mentioned are the pros and cons of static websites, after studying the pros and cons of Static website one can decide what kind of website does he needs for his business process.

Advantages of static website design:

    • Static websites are easier to create.


    • Static websites are much cost effective compared to dynamic websites.


    • Static websites are easily crawled upon by the search engine spiders and hence they attract more visitors


    • Ideal for small scale businesses


Disadvantages of static website design:

    • It becomes very expensive if one decides to upgrade his static website.


    • Static websites are less attractive and less interactive.


    • One cannot update any content unless he has some knowledge about HTML and CSS.


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