Advantages of Web 2.0 on E-commerce and Website Design

13 Apr Advantages of Web 2.0 on E-commerce and Website Design

Unlike web 1.0, web 2.0 contains wide range of features. Web 2.0 uses advance technology which made sharing of information, downloading of content easier and faster.

Web 2.0 also has many positive effects on E-Commerce because of which more and more people are adopting new ways of shopping and payment.

Following are some of the advantages that E-commerce has because of Web 2.0:

Retail blogging: Blogs are one of the best ways to transfer one’s ideas, messages, products information etc. Nowadays many people are getting inspired by blogs and are visiting the websites to check for updates in blogs, hence creating leads for the business.

Image sharing and video sharing: Because of web 2.0 it is now possible to share images and videos on the website. Sharing of videos and images on the website can be very effective for generating new leads as well as giving impetus to the sales.

Customer reviews: In web 1.0 it was impossible to alter the article or even comment on it. But web 2.0 brought various new features to existence and now customers can give reviews and feedbacks about the site, products or various other aspects of business.

Now you can also take advantage of web 2.0 and create new stunning website design to attract more eyeballs.

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