Are you a graphic designer or logo designer and meeting your client for the first time? Follow these steps!

31 Mar Are you a graphic designer or logo designer and meeting your client for the first time? Follow these steps!

Ethically, when we meet a person for the first time, we have to be confident enough to get our work done. As the famous quote follows, “First impression is the last impression”, one must be ready to face each and every situation that we come across during the first meet. To avoid trembling hands, shaky feet, or sweat on the forehead, a graphic designer should read this one before meeting his client for the first time.

    • Prepare a professional mind as well as look
      The first thing you got to do is prepare yourself both physically and mentally. Dress to look decent, formal and professional. Yes, your physical presentation counts a lot. Mental preparation includes confidence in your voice and control on your emotions. Make sure you sound quite professional while talking and you are devoted to nothing but your work.


    • Know your client before meeting
      Go through all the details about the client and his business. The knowledge of client’s business details will definitely impress him. If you take things lightly and don’t prepare for the meeting, you may face embarrassment during the meet.


    • Design brief and portfolio is a must
      Your meeting won’t make any sense and would be useless if you don’t prepare a design brief before going there. When you have an idea about client’s requirements, prepare the designs in general he may choose and note down certain points that the client may have a query on. Your graphic designing portfolio should be neatly organized and highlight your area of good work. Your portfolio should be good enough to impress the client.


    • Keep interacting
      On a usual meeting, whenever the client goes through your work or portfolio, you stay quiet and there is silence. Never do this. Keep interacting with the client and keep telling him in detail about your designs. Give him the oral description of your portfolio too including where you worked previously etc.


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