Background Removal


Global Solutions offers affordable background removal services on your images so that all images look clean and sharp. Sometimes, it becomes necessary to remove the background on image of the particular product to increase focus and enable easy comparison.


You must have noticed that ecommerce websites and web-shops display products having similar backgrounds. Ever wondered why the webmaster has taken the pain to remove background on all the images and make it standard? It is done to ensure that all products have a professional, uniform look and clients have a rich experience when visiting your site.


We, at Global Solutions, have plentiful experience in background removal services which add a professional feel to the product. This makes your product look impressive and creates a good impression on your clients. The process undergoes a series of changes with editing, alteration, enhancement by adding background colours and correcting the shapes. We handle this task on a daily basis and deliver our best effortlessly. We use the following tools to remove the background and make your product look appealing.


So, enhance your images with much needed beautification effects to make them look all the more attractive and livelier.
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Image Retouching

Dedicated team of image retouchers providing professional image retouching services.

Clipping Path

Our clipping path team based in India creates manual clipping path using pen tool which gives excellent results.

Model Retouching

We specialize in Model Retouching & Actress retouching. We are working with many leading magazines across the world.

Ghost Mannequin Retouching

Our retouchers specializes in Ghost invisible mannequin photo editing for fashion garments.

Background Removal

Our background removal services are used by fashion houses, photographers and web shops.

Image Cutouts

We provide image cutouts, image masking and placing the images on any background or on transparent background.

Architectural Retouching

We work with many architects with retouching their interior and exterior shots with sharpness, blue sky etc.

Total Image Editing

We also provide cutting, cleaning, color adjustment, keywording, cropping, resizing, color correction.

Fashion Retouching

We help leading fashion houses and web shops across USA, UK, Denmark, & Australia with their image retouching work.

We build websites that build your business. We shape images that shape your brand.