Benefits of CSS in website development

17 Apr Benefits of CSS in website development

The benefits of CSS have been increasing continuously since the time it was created. Use of CSS in any of the websites makes the website designquite flexible, user-friendly and adaptable to the users. also, it helps the website to load more quickly. Modifying the features of CSS in a website is easy too. Thus, use of CSS is very beneficial to the website as well as the developer and client. It not only saves time but also money. Here are 6 major benefits of CSS.

    1. Quicker loading of websites – CSS website layouts load faster than those of table layouts. The table layouts website takes a longer time to load as they are more in size than the CSS layouts. Once you access a website, the CSS layout is stored in the cache memory and hence it doesn’t take time to load the next time you surf.


    1. Blends good with HTML – The combination of HTML and CSS for designing a website leads to a dynamic website which is highly credible, user friendly and flexible.


    1. Better positioning – On your website, if you don’t like the position of any element, you change the position immediately by make few small changes in CSS. Thus, positioning of elements becomes easy.


    1. Browser compatibility – CSS is compatible with almost all the browsers and doesn’t get distorted with any changed browsers.


    1. Search engine friendly – CSS layouts are search engine friendly. The proper positioning of elements in CSS helps in greater visibility of the webpage in search engine.


    1. Printer-friendly – Printing of website developed on CSS is very easy. The elements like images, colours which your don’t want can be eliminated in CSS and you can get a printed version as per your needs.


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