Best social bookmarking plug-ins for your wordpress websites

12 Apr Best social bookmarking plug-ins for your wordpress websites

Social media is the best platform to promote your Website Design. People love to share things on social networking. WordPress has a number of plug-ins that integrates social networking to your blog. By making use of the following WordPress plug-ins, you can make your blog properly through social bookmarking.

    • Drag to share eXtended – This plug-in enables the viewers of the blog posts on different social bookmarking websites. Drag to share eXtended is very simple to integrate to you blog and easy to use.


    • Socialgrid – Socialgrid is another good plug-in WordPress which helps you organize your links in different profiles. Currently, it supports major social networking like Twitter, Flickr, StumbleUpon etc.


    • GetSocial – This is a WordPress widget that is in the form of a floating bar that keeps floating even when the visitor scrolls down the window. There are a number of social media options available like the Facebook share button, Retweet etc. You can always add or remove any of the social media button.


    • Light Social – This plug-in of WordPress adds a set of social bookmarking icons automatically at the bottom of each post. The use of this widget is very user-friendly. The social media icons can be easily modified and added/deleted.


    • Share and follow– This social plug-in is for the ones who want to save time and make social media promotion easy.


    • SexyBookmarks – The name is a bit weird but this is another powerful plug-in that enables social bookmarking on your website.


    • Sociable – The main feature of this plug-in is that it comes with a number of social networking websites and is easy to organize


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