Beware of dishonest clients and get your payment on time

31 Mar Beware of dishonest clients and get your payment on time

It’s not the case that all clients are false and tend to betray. But sometimes you have completed your logo designing and you wait for the client to pay, he might not turn back in some cases or in some cases he might ask you to send the logo design and ask you to wait for the payment. So that you don’t become a pray of this betrayal, be smart.

Before making a deal, research about your client and know whether he is financially capable to pay for the logo or no. try and get information about his previous business deals and check if he has been honest and loyal then. If at the beginning itself you are aware about the client, you might escape the betrayal. Even if you become ready for designing the logo, make sure you sign a contract with the client. Make sure the contract includes the details regarding the payment , dates of submission and payment and the respective terms and conditions.

Stress on advance payment on the client. Sometimes you start with the work and the client withdraws the deal. You waste your time on it. Hence, ask the client for advance payment so that you make sure that only you are doing the logo designing. When it comes to payment, the client might give excuses such as he is short of funds. As such situations you can ask him to make your payment in installments. Simply don’t trust the client.

Never give him the logo design or even the idea of the design before you get the payment. The client might steals your ideas and designs and disappear. Hence, be careful and aware of such defaulter clients.

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