Blog promotion via Social Networking sites – 3 Popular Medium

05 Apr Blog promotion via Social Networking sites – 3 Popular Medium

Social networking sites have been outstandingly successful in the last decade. Almost everyone has a social networking account at any of the social networking websites. Besides, bloggers always try hard to promote their blog as much as possible. Yes, social networking is one of the best medium for a blogger to promote his blog to a large audience. Here are few guidelines for promoting your blog through social networking sites

Promotion on Facebook

Facebook’s success has resulted in facebook being the second name of social networking. Facebook is the top most social networking site by now in major countries. Numerically, Facebook has more than 500 million users and the digit is increasing every moment. Thus, promotion of your blog via facebook targets a large audience. Facebook has the feature of creating Pages for products, services, company etc. Accordingly, you can create a Facebook page for your blog and promote and share it as much as possible.

Use of social media buttons

With the help of WordPress plug-ins, one can include the social media buttons on his webpage or blog page.  This enables more people to visit the site and share the website links with other people.


Twitter is the second top social networking website after Facebook. Twitter enables the users to read the blog and contact them by tweeting. Bloggers can tweet and retweet on topic relating their blogs and the followers will receive all the tweet updates.

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