Brochure design – Blue colour gives a cool effect!

06 Apr Brochure design – Blue colour gives a cool effect!

Colours have a psychological effect on human minds; it is true. The colour blue is said to be productive and has a serene and a soothing effect. Blue has different shades like deep blue, sky blue, sea blue, light blue etc. The importance of usage of blue colour in brochure design is given below.

Why blue?

It is believed that objects in blue appear bigger, larger than the ones in yellow or orange. Due to the wavelength of the colour blue, a human eye can easily and quickly perceive it. As mentioned above, blue colour is said to be a calm colour and it generates peaceful effects.

Blue is also connected to the nature. Whenever we think of the colour blue, “sky” or the “sea” comes to our mind. A proper use of blue colour in brochure designing can increase the sales of the company.

How to use blue colour?

Lighter tones of colours have always an effect of free surrounding. Blue colour produces a friendly effect; thus it can be used in the brochure. But use of a single colour can create boredom and people might ignore reading the brochure. Thus, use attractive colour schemes.

Eg – A brochure in blue colour with a tinge of golden will make it look interesting.

Some people do believe that blue creates a negative aura but when combined with proper bright colours, blue has a very captivating effect on human mind. A brochure design with such colour effect will definitely gain success. It is also known that a combination of blue and orange has a fresh effect. Orange can be substituted by yellow colour.

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