Brochure Designing: Let’s De-Code it for You

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30 Jan Brochure Designing: Let’s De-Code it for You

A brochure is a very important tool in our day to day life. Have you ever noticed a small card like material talking about something, in the middle of your newspaper? Yes, you guessed it right- that is a Brochure. Let us step-by-step explain its uses and as to why is its presence unavoidable.

1. A Brochure defined :
A blend of visual and textual information, it is a small booklet like structure meant to be used for marketing and promotional purposes. You can use it in various ways- inform, educate and motivate. Whom? Ans – Your Target Audience!

2. A brochure Speaks For You:
What would you do if you want to inform somebody about your company’s profile, your products and your services in a way that would tempt them to know all the more about you? For this you simply need to design a brochure according to your needs, print it and spread it across- to let it speak for you.

3. And the brochure contains…

Your Identity:
Your logo talks about who you are and what you do. It gives you recognition and makes your company get noticed.

A Color Scheme that attracts eyeballs:
Let your brochure’s reader love what he sees and he will surely read what you want him to. A good color scheme attracts and gets noticed easily. You are here for the same, as well. Aren’t you?

A Picture to Put Life into it:
Let your pictures do the talking, Sir. A visual impact is higher than a textual one. Let them see, relate and read.

4. “Less is More”- Really?
Let not those ‘7 seconds’ go waste. Stick to it because who has time anyway? Make sure everything is placed neatly, is legible and is in place.

5. Golden Rule:
Recheck everything before it goes into printing so that you will be remembered for your good presentation and for the work you do.
Hope your brochure speaks well and attracts audiences soon

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