Changing Google algorithms and its impact on your website rankings

17 Apr Changing Google algorithms and its impact on your website rankings

Google algorithms for SEO have a huge impact on your website if followed properly. You must follow these algorithms for increasing your website traffic and gaining awareness for your business. But what about the changing Google algorithms? They have a bad effect on your website’s SEO. But you can reduce the impact in following ways-

    • Fast and fresh content – One of the major Google algorithms is a fresh and relevant web content. Google aims at providing its users a fresh and updated content because it knows people love new and quick content. Thus, constant update of your website content will always help in SEO


    • Also, never dilute your web content by rewriting it from the original content.


    • Concentrate on on-page optimization and off-page optimization as well. You must focus on researching your topic and acquiring fresh content. Also, focus on quality link exchange for your website. Both on page and off page Search engine optimization go hand in hand. Thus, emphasize on both.


    • Analyse the behaviour of the users towards your website. Know how people react on your methods of sharing information.


    • The conclusion is that you cannot rely on one particular thing. Google might keep changing its algorithm. You have to climb the rankings of search engines with the help of other guidelines.


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