“Coffee shops: A Worker’s Paradise”

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02 Feb “Coffee shops: A Worker’s Paradise”

Just imagine a very quiet workplace or be it your home where you work from, the notion of a workplace usually makes us stay away from work. The ambience at your workplace where you have a few colleagues to murmur with time and again don’t really make you feel relaxed but all you do is smile and try to work, giving your hundred percent. Everyone feels like going to a place of their comfort where they can sit comfortabley where nobody you know is around. We all want to not work from a place which is supposedly made to work.

I don’t think there can be any better place than a coffee shop where its just your typing noise that you get to hear, no colleagues to keep disturbing you with their keyboard noise or with their own noise, which is irritating most of the times. The background music playlist that is playing at the coffee shop is almost always like someone copied your own playlist. The coffee is delicious and then we get a wide variety of food to choose from. The ambience is great, and the view is not bad at all…and guess what? The rent you pay is the price of the things you eat and drink!!!

It just sounds amazing, doesn’t it? After what I have just written, you might think that working in coffee shops is an obvious choice, although not a very convenient one. There are critics who would always feel that libraries or co-working spaces make better offices than coffee shops. But what if there are no co-working spaces available around your workplace or your home?? And as far as I know, no library would let you eat or drink while working inside a library.

So what should one do? Working at home all the time becomes boring and you feel too lonely which ultimately decreases your productivity and creativity. So every time I need change, I take my stuff and go to one of my favourite coffee shops which really eases me off my pressure, makes me feel good and comfortable which probably no library or a co-working space can make me feel that way. Maybe you all should try out making a coffee shop a best substitute for your workplace; I bet you would enjoy this new experience of working…trust me!! J

Happy Working….

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