Confused between JavaScript and .net? Have a look!

17 Apr Confused between JavaScript and .net? Have a look!

When it comes to website developmentthere are a number of choices you have; choices on programming languages, CMSes, web templates etc. There are a number of programming languages available for website development. You can choose them according to your requirements and knowledge. Choosing the most appropriate programming language for your website is a crucial task. Things have a competitive edge now. JavaScript and .net are two popular programming languages. Both of them are powerful programming languages which ensure a good credible website. But you can get confused in choosing one amongst them. Hence, here is a brief note of advantages of both the languages. You yourself will get a better idea about which is the best suiting your needs.

Advantages of JavaScript

    • The use of JavaScript for your website development will add an element of creativity to your website.


    • JavaScript is also useful in developing the complex areas of the website which include browser identification, form validation or advertisement management.


    • Moreover, the web pages developed on JavaScript display any updated content automatically without refreshing the page.


    • The best thing about JavaScript is that it can be used as a combination with any other programming language. Thus, web development would be an easy task for the developer.


Advantages of .net

    • Even .net is a powerful programming language which creates interactive web pages.


    • You must know that .net supports 40 other languages too.


    • It is featured with automatic data management and garbage collection.


    • .net is best for windows operating system.


There are advantages of JavaScript and .net. However, both have their disadvantages in some way. Thus, you need to choose as per your requirement.

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