Creating Ecommerce website – Simple tips for reducing shipping costs

12 Apr Creating Ecommerce website – Simple tips for reducing shipping costs

“Free shipping” – If you have this tag on your website design, you will certainly attract traffic to your website. People will definitely prefer ecommerce websites which offer free shipping than those who have shipping charges. You will definitely miss potential customers if you have shipping charges for delivery of products on your website. Here are few tips which can reduce shipping charges for u.

    • Give exact detailed description about the product’s dimension, weight etc to the shipping company. Make use of proper shipping scale. Use proper packing materials which are light weighed. Newspaper packing increases weight. Thus, avoid using newspaper for packing. Instead you can use those plastic bubble wraps.


    • Many shipping companies have online calculators. You can always put in your packages’ dimension and calculate the rates. Thus, such features help you compare and you can save a bit more here.


    • Make sure you have all the legal knowledge if you’re shipping a product internationally. Every country has a different rule about shipping. Some countries allow the entry of only certain items. Thus, make a note of all of these things.


    • If you ship products in bulk, you will obviously save some money. Companies offer discount when you ship something in bulk. Take a proper delivery time from the shipping company so that the customer gets the product on the given proper day.


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