Custom Website development vs. Website templates

18 Apr Custom Website development vs. Website templates

A well designed website is the result of quality work, professional team and strategic process. All these factors contribute to a good website and a good website contributes to good business. If you are new to web development, you must know the website developmentcan be done in 2 effective ways-

    1. Customised website development


    1. Website templates.


Both of them have their equal weightage for benefits and consequences. Customised website development is a step by step process where as website designing by website templates is quite an easy and handy process.

Advantages of customised website development include-

    • While using customised website development process, you can precisely consider all the needs and requirements of both the clients as well as audiences.


    • Through customised website development, you will get an exact website like the one you actually want. You won’t have to compromise with nay of the elements.


    • Moreover, customised web development websites are flexible and can be easily modified whenever required.


Disadvantages if customised website development –

    • It is a costly process of website development.


    • It consumes a lot of time.


Advantages of website templates –

    • Website templates are handy and quite easy to use.


    • They are cost effective and take very less time for creating the website.


    • Both free and premium website templates are available as per your budget


Disadvantages of website templates-

    • Not each and every element will be same as you expect in a website developed by website template. You will have to manage your data as per the readymade design.


    • Website templates also restrict the developer to put in the entire objectives of the business in the website. This may affect the proper delivery of key message to the users.


Thus, both the website development processes have their pros and cons. If you have good budget and enough time, you can go for customised web development. If you do not have much time and you don’t want to spend much on website development, website templates are the best option.

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