Deciding typography for your Graphic Design

06 Apr Deciding typography for your Graphic Design

Typography is one of the most important elements of graphic designing. Graphic designers spend a lot of time deciding the appropriate typography for their design. Each kind of typography comes out with different effect everything you make changes in it. Consider the following things while finalizing the proper typography for your graphic design.

    • Visual Impact – Typography is mainly meant for adding beauty to the graphic design. The typography should suit the entire brochure elements and look beautiful.


    • Proper Spacing – On a brochure, a graphic designer should know how much place should be reserved for text. And he should accommodate the text according to the given space.


    • Typography Legibility – Make use of proper font. If there is more text, use a simple font which is interpretable to the readers. Short words and headings can be written with the help of special fonts.


    • Typography based on emotion – A graphic design for old people cannot contain font with extra designs. Such graphic designs should use simple font which connects to the old people. Remember your audience are not the same every time.


    • Limited number of fonts– Do not use many fonts in a single design. Use limited number of fonts. Using more number of fonts will clutter your typography design.


    • Easy to read – All the typography elements should be used in such a way that they don’t mess up with each other or become complicated. Make use of proper colour scheme, text alignment, spacing etc. Such things contribute to proper readability.


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