Design website using Drupal Modules and Drupal plugins which uplifts your website’s credibility

12 Apr Design website using Drupal Modules and Drupal plugins which uplifts your website’s credibility

Drupal is an open-sourced CMS that has been successfully used to develop websites. Drupal comes for free with the wide variety of modules, tools, extensions and plug-ins. Drupal is a highly credible CMS and does almost everything that is meant to be done for website development and website designing. But for a proper website, you must know the proper use of Drupal modules. Below are 6 major Drupal modules which enhance the website’s functionality and effectiveness.

    • Automatic Nodetitles – This module of Drupal is used for creating the titles of the website content. Automatic Nodetitles create headings on the basis of user’s name, date of formation etc.


    • ImageCache – ImageCache module is the extension of Image Drupal module of Drupal. ImageCache is used to know the size of an image and it helps the developer to adjust the size of the image. ImageCache is also use for other elements like resizing, cropping, scaling, desaturating colour etc.


    • Flag – Every website has some guidelines laid down for submissions to the website. Flag enables the developer to analyse and monitor these submission to check whether they are appropriate or no. It also allows you to check spam submissions to the website. Thus, it flags the inappropriate and offensive content automatically.


    • Nodewords – Here, the nodes are posts, pages, announcement and other web content. To make your site visible on Google search engine, keywords have to be added to your website. Nodewords module of Drupal helps the developer with it.


    • Nodequeue – This module is featured with “drag and drop”. It lets the user queue the nodes manually by dragging and dropping.


    • Organic groups – Organic groups let you create small communities under your website. It enables proper management of these public and private groups.


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