Designing E-commerce websites – Advantages of Product Videos on your new website design


12 Apr Designing E-commerce websites – Advantages of Product Videos on your new website design

E-commerce websites, the medium of online store of a company is gaining huge profits due its reliability and user-friendliness. We always put out efforts to increase the traffic and conversion rates for our website. One such effort could be making use of videos for product description in your website design. It is stated that e-commerce websites with the product video feature have gained 30% higher conversion rate. Below is the discussion about how product videos play an important role.

  • People always look out for things that cause less effort to them. It is obvious that reading the entire product description is boring than watching a video about it. You just have to click one button and you get a nice visual and audio product description without putting any efforts.

Also take care that the videos are not too length, keep them short, concise and in a proper manner.

    • Adding product videos makes it easier for the customer to understand the product. Product videos are more appealing and they add an element of personal touch.


    • People also tend to share videos than articles. Thus, the more they share, more will be your promotion and sales.


    • It is believed that Google search engine prioritizes websites with videos of good quality when it comes to search engine rankings. Thus, uploading product videos adds to your SEO benefit too.


    • Last but not the least; you get a proper view of the product visually. You get a view better than the images.


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