Designing Ecommerce website design – Create, Marketing and Monitor

12 Apr Designing Ecommerce website design – Create, Marketing and Monitor

The market of website designing is booming. People now use internet for each and everything. The latest in this is the e-commerce website. It has gained magnificent success uplifting the sales of the company immensely. Every company now think of website of even an online store. If you have a website and you are novice to it, you must know the following crucial steps of an e commerce website right from creating it to maintaining it.

    • Objective and business strategy – You should know that any company aims at making money. But you cannot mention this objective directly on the website. But you can always creatively put the ways in which you make money. You can highlight your products and services on your website to reach you objective. You must also chalk out a plan for your expected business and current business. You must then aim at achieving the expected business.


    • Know what to sell – You should always try to make all the products available on your online store and you must know who your target audience is. Sell appropriate products and services to appropriate people. You cannot sell a sari at an insurance company.


    • Checklist – when it comes to a proper website, lay down a checklist and match it with your website. This makes you know the vulnerabilities of the website. This checklist may include all the features like elements of web designing, software of web development, product image, product video, product’s size-colour-quality etc.


    • Website building – when you ask a developer to make a website for you, tell him your exact requirements. You can also give him a reference website asking him to make your site similar to this one.


    • Marketing strategies – marketing strategies include back linking, blogging, social media promotion, press release, pay per click, Google AdWords, etc. you can advertise and promote your website through all these strategies.


    • Monitoring and maintenance – you must always keep an eye on your website traffic. Analysing website traffic helps as you can then work on increasing the traffic. You must also maintain a good relation with your visitors. Keep updating your website as well.


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