E-commerce Website Design – 5 mistakes you need to avoid

09 Apr E-commerce Website Design – 5 mistakes you need to avoid

E-commerce business is highly successful and flourishing in today’s era. People are more internet-oriented nowadays and spend maximum time surfing the websites. Hence, it’s not a bad idea to establish is an online store for your products. Establishing is not just enough; your website should be devoid of elements which lead to unsuccessful e-commerce website. There are 5 major mistakes that should be avoided while creating a ecommerce website.

1.     Products should not be improperly categorized.
A customer’s ease in surfing your e commerce website should be your priority. Thus, proper categorization is important. The prominent categorization includes “male-female”, “kids, adults, senior people”, etc. Categorizations can be based on different factors depending on the products you sale. Most importantly, place proper products in proper categories. You can never commit the mistake of putting ladies top in Men’s Section. That might highly disappoint your customer leading to less usability.

2.     Limited description
A customer expects a proper “product description” while he tends to purchase it online. This description includes both written and visual description. The salient features of a product or service should always be given in a point wise manner below the product. This lets the customer to make a quicker decision. Some products need visual description too. Images of such products from each and every view should be made available so that the customer can choose things more appropriately.

3.     Less Focus on “About Us” Page
People trust a website when they really know that it has a legal and a real existence. You can never make the mistake of compromising with the “About Us” page. The “About Us” page must include the detailed description about your company right from its foundation to its branches.

4.     Absence of Online Helpdesk
While surfing your e-commerce website, the customer can be confused at any moment. If you have a ready online help for them, they will surely wish to continue shopping. But if there is no online help, they might leave the website without wishing to buy anything. Thus, the customer queries should be solved immediately.

5.     Compulsory Signing up option

This irritates the customer a lot. They add all the items they want to buy in the shopping cart and when they click the “Check out” button, a window pops out asking for signing up to your e commerce website. Remember, your website should be customer friendly. Thus, avoid keeping the option of “Sign up”.

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