E-commerce websites design – Tips for website’s homepage content

10 Apr E-commerce websites design – Tips for website’s homepage content

Not only for e-commerce websites, but for any kind of website design, the homepage and its content play a very vital role in promoting the website. It has an impact on the visitor’s side. Your homepage content is also responsible for the search engine rankings. Following are few tips and guidelines for a better homepage.

Please remember your e commerce website homepage is NOT

    • A dumping ground – People are not interested in your personal profile or company’s profile more; they need to know what exactly you sell and the objective of your website.


    • A product catalogue – don’t make your home page a catalogue of everything you sell. Just highlight your main products on the homepage.


    • A Newsletter – don’t over crowd your homepage by putting up the entire press release of yours into it.


    • A blog – yes, you must have a blog on your website but not on your page. Don’t fill your home page with different articles on it.


Your website homepage content has to be compact and informative as well. The reader should be attracted to the website by seeing the homepage content. Hence, try to be short, simple and creative. Long sentences and paragraphs will withdraw the reader’s attention.

When people enter a website, they expect to know few things about the website like what the website is exactly meant for or what are the services and products that you offer. Such basic information should be given on the website in a brief manner.

Accordingly, the website theme should match the website content.  The appropriate colours and tones should be used. Thus, make it a point to keep your website convincing.

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