E-Mail : The Largest Social Platform

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30 Jan E-Mail : The Largest Social Platform

Facebook – NO

Twitter – NO

YouTube – NO

Well, EMAIL?? Are we sure??
Oh yes, we are!

Did you know that almost 80% of social interactions are done by our very own old-fashioned ‘E-Mail’.

And this piece of fact is as shocking as the above because the email that we use is used mostly to share different social media links with each other.
Let’s talk about our own self now. Don’t we all open emails that have a reference or have links to various social media sites more than the normal emails that we receive? Yes, we do. This habit of ours naturally accounts to a greater response altogether.
At a stage like ours, when everybody is creating new social media applications, our very own Email is paving its way towards success amidst all the innovations and creations.
Way to go ‘Email’ – Keep going Strong!

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