Effective tips for selecting the best domain name for your business

24 Apr Effective tips for selecting the best domain name for your business

Some might think what is it in a domain name to be designed and find it very easy. But it is not that easy. For an effective domain name, you have to take care of the minute details. The competition is so much that we have to research even for the website’s domain name. Here are few important tips you can follow while selecting a domain name for your website design.

    • Avoid the use of hyphens and dashes – Go for domain names which appear as single word avoiding the use of hyphens or dashes in between the domain name. Let the domain name appear as a whole thing; this gives a unique entity to the domain name for example abc.com sounds much better then a-b-c.com


    • Prefer “.com” – The domain names look better with “.com”. The domain names with .com are ranked higher. In case you .com is not available; you can opt for .net or.biz. These names are even easy to memorise.


    • Use short domain names – An appropriate domain name should not exceed for more than 4 words. Use shorter but meaningful domain names. They look good and are easy to remember. Using a longer domain name can even cause confusion of words.


    • Keywords – Try to include the main keyword of your website in the domain name. Using just the keyword will look odd. You can jumble up words, use proper adjectives and create an effective domain name.


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