Email marketing for your website – losing hope but still important

12 Apr Email marketing for your website – losing hope but still important

Email, by far has been one of the oldest and most effective means of online communication. But with the developments of instant messenger and social networking sites, communications via emails have become very dry. Facebook and Twitter have overtaken emails in terms of marketing platform as well. Email doesn’t have a market value.

Another disadvantage of email is that it doesn’t have huge target audience at one same place and one same time. On the other hand, sharing things and marketing them is quicker on social media. Also, the target audience is huge.

But emails have not lost their importance completely. Statistics say that in USA, 39% have never used social media and only 6% have never used email. Thus, people do reply on emails even today. And most of all, every social networking website demands a website, doesn’t it? Thus, every person on social networking has 1 or more accounts.

For online communication, people still provide their email ids than their facebook or twitter ids. Email ids are unique; your social networking names might get repeated. According to statistic, people respond more often to email marketing than social media marketing. People tend to overlook advertisements on social media but they won’t ignore their mail box. They will check it by  thinking it might be useful for them.

Many users might bookmark your website design and will come back later should they need your product or service.

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