Facebook timeline features – Beneficial for branding

06 Apr Facebook timeline features – Beneficial for branding

Facebook’s new timeline has added to marketing the promoting via social media platform. The new features have made branding more easy. Here are the features from facebook timeline which have made branding more easy –

    1. Cover photo – This feature allows you to showcase your brand identity publicly. Upon that, its 850px X 315px horizontally wide format adds cherry to the cake. Cover photos can be viewed by any Facebook user.


    1. Profile picture – Initially, profile picture was the only mean of showcasing your graphical identity. But now, due to the cover photo feature, profile picture is a place for your company logo. Thus, the profile picture space should be occupied by your brand logo. Thus, in this way people are more used to your logo each time they visit your page.


    1. Views and apps – Your profile is viewed in more professional way now. The same content is viewed in a different manner with 4 tabs on the top.


    1. The floating bar – Even when your scroll down, the floating bar comes along at the top of the page every time. This bar includes timeline drop menu, content of each month and highlights. This enables the user to go to the view and apps menu whenever they want. Thus, the navigation of facebook page becomes easy.


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