FAQs about DNS – A website development company should know!

17 Apr FAQs about DNS – A website development company should know!

DNS means domain name system. Domain Name System (DNS) also plays an important role in website development. The only powerful reason for DNS to be so important is than any error in DNS might make your website down for approximately 24hrs t o 48hrs. But what is DNS exactly about and why is it so powerful? The answers to these questions are given below.

What exactly is DNS?
DNS i.e. Domain Name System is an organized system in the web that converts your website URLs into specific IP addresses. DNS is actually a widely distributed system which is a collection of nameservers. These nameservers keep in touch with each other for rendering smooth flow of data.

Does every website have a name server?
Yes. Every website has a nameserver but every website doesn’t have a different nameserver. A nameserver is assigned to various websites.

What is the technical process followed when any information is search on the internet?

When you search for a particular URL, the search engine finds the IP address assigned to the website. These IP addresses are in the nameservers. Sometimes the browser manages to locate the IP address directly, while sometimes it has to consult the nameserver first to locate that particular IP address. And even after consulting one nameserver, the search engine doesn’t get the required information, it moves on to another name server and this process goes on till the search engine gets the proper information. Once the IP address is located, the user gets the information.

How does DNS affect the website by forcing it to be down for 28-48hrs?

Sometimes, you host a new domain or sometimes you want to change the nameserver for your domain. In either of the cases, the web hosting provider will take time to put in and update your information. This process of altering the nameservers takes time of around 24-48 hrs.

What is TTL?

TTL i.e.” Time to Live” is a data which is sent by third party nameservers. This is data is based on time and sent along with IP address. Time to Live lasts usually for 12-24 hrs.

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