FAQs – An important webpage on a website

28 Mar FAQs – An important webpage on a website

FAQs i.e. Frequent Asked Questions is a necessary webpage on a website. Developing a website in a perfect sense includes such small things like FAQs. A website should be as simple as possible. “FAQs” section makes it simpler for the user. While launching a new website, a FAQs page should include general and obvious questions about the website. The basic questions such as What is “ABC.com” ? , What does “ABC.com” provide? , What are the basic terms on “ABC.com” , etc are some of them.

The FAQ page should include all the varied questions relating to the website where the user can possibly develop a doubt. The questions should be answered in informative and systematic manner. Questions should be added to the FAQ page on the basis of user comments on posts in blogs. The content of the website cannot clear all the queries on the customer’s mind. Hence, there should be a FAQs page to solve the rest of queries on customer’s mind.

Under the FAQ page, there should be sections. The questions should be divided according to their topic and placed in the respective section. This feature is a part of easy navigation.  FAQ page increases the customer base of a business firm.

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