Features of jQuery – The best JavaScript Library

17 Apr Features of jQuery – The best JavaScript Library

jQuery is the best JavaScript library which renders simplification of client-side scripting of HTML. jQuery also enables event handling, animation and ALAX interaction which in turn leads to smooth developing and functioning of website. Following are the major features of jQuery –

    • Browser compatibility – A major problem of Java programming and ALAZ interaction is browser compatibility. One browser may open a website of Java programming while the other might not. This problem is solved my jQuery. It fixes the bugs in the programming and makes your website design compatible with all browsers.


    • Lightweight – The jQuery library is lightweight and has the important elements only. Rest of the elements and functions are put in the plug-ins section. It is just 24kb in size. Hence, it is easy to integrate to the applications.


    • Easy to learn – jQuery is very easy to learn. A small tutorial about jQuery along with basic coding language will lead to easy learning of jQuery.


    • Variety of plug-ins – jQuery has a separate section for plug-ins. You can also develop and create your own plug-ins and use them in your website. Also there are plug-ins that can be downloaded.


    • jQuery utility features –  jQuery offers a lot of features like string trimming, array modification etc. Thus, interaction becomes smoother between JavaScript and jQuery.


    • jQuery User interface – jQuery has all the important UI elements like accordions, date picker, sliders etc. They are ready made and you don’t have to spend much time on it.


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