Feedback Page – An important element for improvement of your website design

10 Apr Feedback Page – An important element for improvement of your website design

In the real business world, the large business companies do not have to seek feedback. They automatically receive feedback. But websites don’t. Websites have to keep a different section for receiving feedback.

Importance of feedback

A website aims at many things like increasing the conversion rates, increasing the company’s business, etc. The website is designed accordingly for fulfil all these objectives. It is very necessary that to fulfil all these objectives, the website design should be able to connect to the visitor. But how? This is done with the help of feedback section of a website. Always keep your ears open to feedback. Feedback tells you the level of success of your website design directly from the visitor’s mouth through his personal experience. Modifications and alterations in the website become for easier for the web developer. Feedback helps you identify the faulty areas through the visitor’s experience and you can later on work on the error.

Few tips for feedback section

    • Start for a feedback section at the beginning itself. Don’t wait for the entire website to be complete. You must hear to feedback right from the start.


    • Take the feedback positively. Obviously don’t consider every feedback which might be silly. But some feedbacks help a lot in improving your website system. Thus, be affirmative towards your feedback


    • Feedback from experts is not enough. The people who really use the website regularly and naturally need it should be asked for feedback. They give more practical feedback.


    • Feedback is not a 1 month job. It has to go on and on. Your feedback form must exist till your website exists.


    • Many users might send interesting feedback with regards to your company’s website design, dont ignore those feedback as few of them may be handy and once implemented will improve your website design and navigation.


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