Few funny things about logo design and graphic designing

03 Apr Few funny things about logo design and graphic designing

Graphic designers come across different kind of clients every day. Some clients have an idea about what graphic designing is all about but some are zero at it. During the conversation between a client and a graphic designer, there are many funny things that happen. Some of them are –

“But I cannot pay you for your work”
Sometimes the clients expect the designing for free of cost from the graphic designer. This is quite hilarious. How can a client expect so much for free!  Graphic Designers are definitely no donors or charity people!

“I need a logo urgently within an hour”
This is barely impossible. A logo for a company means a lot for the company. A logo is not any basic shape like a circle or square which can be prepared within few minutes. It needs application of our creative minds and use of designing software.

“Let’s discuss over the layout design on phone or email”
The design attributes like font are meant to be discussed and decided by meeting in person so that the client can have a look at how does it look. The client is supposed to give some time to the graphic design.

“Can you make me a missing poster?”
Common! They are graphic designers and possess some quality knowledge. They do not own any cyber to print a missing poster for you.

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